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Wellness treatments at the spa of Montegrotto, to regenerate your body and mind




STRESS RELIEF MASSAGE - 25 minutes €35,00 - 55 minutes €55,00
Stressful days always cause excessive tensions that tend to accumulate in different, sensitive  parts of our body, such as our shoulders, our neck and our back. Stress relief massages, combined with the healing power of thermal water, help burn off all excessive tensions and leave a long lasting pleasant sensation.

DECONTRACTING MASSAGE - 25 minutes €35,00  - 55 minutes €55,00
This intervention aims at bringing back the muscle tone to a natural level, by treating a specific contracture with special manouvres, pressions and frictions. The contracture is dissolved and the nervous centers in our body are reactivated and reoxygenated. All toxins are eliminated.

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE (HAWAIIAN) - 55 minutes €55,00
In a peaceful atmosphere the masseur’s hands reproduce the movement of the ocean. The Lomi Lomi Massage is also called “Massage of Change” due to the sensation of being pushed towards innovations with a renewed, positive energy that the patient can feel at the end of the treatment.
CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE – 55’ minutes  €55,00
A relaxing and slow massage performed with wide, enveloping movements that reshape the body. Its tonic action on the skin influences the nervous system and loosens all tensions.
HOT STONE MASSAGE – 55’ minutes  €55,00
The hot lava stones dissolve stiffness and improve joint mobility.
This massage looses chronic tensions and enhances emotional expression, helps breathing become wider and improves lymphatic and blood circulation.


FIRMING MASSAGE - 25 minutes €35,00

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE - 25 minutes €35,00

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE - 55 minutes €55,00

After a lymph drainage massage, that is useful to facilitate the expulsion of liquids from the body, it is possible to act even deeper by stimulating the connective tissues with additional intense anti-cellulite treatments.
It is thanks to finger pressure on the affected areas that the tissues are reactivated, cellulite blocks are loosened and the circulation in turned on. Metabolism also benefits greatly from this technique, as it recovers momentum while fats are burnt.
MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE - 55 minutes €50,00 
A deep action on lymphatic vessels that eliminates all excessive liquids that have accumulated in a specific area. The movements are slow and repetitive. Very relaxing.

Focused on legs and feet, which, due to our upright position, often present the most serious lymphatic blocages.

PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY – 25 minutes € 35,00 
It is a technique based on the ancient Chinese medicine according to which all the organs have a corresponding point on the sole of our foot. With this type of massage it is possible to act on the organ that corresponds to the stimulated reflex.
SHIATZU - 55 minutes €55,00 
Ancient Chinese massage that uses acupressure. The 4 pillars of Shiatsu are breath, posture, perpendicularity and pressure and the operator knows how to apply them to perfection.
For the Shiatsu massage the patient must be dressed in comfortable cotton clothes (preferably white) or just covered with a sheet.
PINDA SWEDA MASSAGE – 55 minutes (55,00 €)
Indian energetic massage carried out with warm cotton pads imbued with aromatic herbs and salts.
AYURVEDA TRI DOSHA MASSAGE - 55 minutes (55,00 €)
Perhaps the best known Indian treatment, which is carried out with warm oil; it acts on muscles and lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems.
TUI NA MASSAGE - 55 minutes (55,00 €)
This Chinese treatment uses vigorous and relaxing techniques such as pressures, frictions, tractions and rotations.
THAI MASSAGE - 55 minutes (55,00 €)
Not only able to stimulate the body to release the retained energy, but this massage also reactivates and increases the whole vascular activity, a fundamental element for the elimination of toxins. This makes it very suitable for those who present diseases related to neuralgia and lordosis and its deep nature fights insomnia disorders too.
VERTEBRAL COLUMN MASSAGE - 25 minutes (30,00 €)
The vertebral technique acts especially against pains such as torticollis, often caused by stress, an incorrect movement or exposure to cold air currents. The vertebral technique is also excellent for treating cervicalgia.