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Thermal Center and SPA in Montegrotto Terme, near Padua

Hotel Terme Imperial have modern Thermal & Beauty center, where they performer a variety of treatments from the most traditional to the most recent techniques of massage.

Thermal center & SPA

Ideal place to enjoy a well-deserved relaxation, pampering and wrap in the action of the beneficial mud, and more… The healing power of thermal water, scientifically classified as salt, bromine and iodine, used for centuries for curative purposes, is the basis of all modern therapeutic and beauty treatments.

The Euganean Thermae

The Thermal water (salt – bromo – iodine) comes from the uncontaminated basins of the Alps, passing trought the underground, where the temperature reaches 87 °C, and is enriched with mineral salts. This water, unique in the world, located at the Euganea Thermae its prevalent use in the development of thermal mud, unequaled for its therapeutic properties.

The thermal medicine is used in the treatment and prevention of: osteoporosis, rheumatism, fibromyositis (bursitis, tendinitis, periathritis, epicondylitis), traumatic incurie and recovery from fractures, orthopedic surgery, the gout, rheumatism metabolic disorders, and inflammatory primary diseases circulation, and in dermatology, skin diseases in chronic and secondary.

SPA / Swimming pools

Our Beauty Center offers a variety of aesthetic proposal to regain elasticity and freshness of the skin, fight the relaxation of the muscles of the muscles of the face and body and regain the complete fullness of mental and physical energy.

We offer two comfortable communicating swimming pools, internal and external (temperature 35°C). Both have hydro massage benches, a waterfall for neck massage with its Japanese style stepping stones.

The inside pool has a Kneipp treatment, three emozional showers (Fog, Tropical and Scottish) and a sudatory grotto.
A large freshwater swimming pool is located in the beautyful park, ideal for swimming and relaxation. This i salso equipe with Jacuzzi and waterfall bench for cervical massage.

And also… group exercises in thermal water, fitness room, bowls and 4 golf corse within a radius of a few kilometers.

Treatment/Health care

At the Hotel Imperial All'Hotel Imperial is possible to carry out different thermal curative activities, always under the supervision and responsability of health care and skilled personnel.

Mud Therapy

The mud therapy sessions consist of four phases: the mud therapy, the thermal bath, the reaction and the massage will tone the muscles and nervous system.

Sudatory Grotto

Prescribed by a doctor can be practiced the therapy in the sudatory grotto, an environment appropriate for a steam bath in thermal water particularly suitable for the treatments of obesity, gout and diabetes.

Inhalation Therapy

Inhaled therapy is widely used in the treatment of many otorhinolaryngology and respiratory diseases.


The Whirlpool uses water pressure kept at a certain temperature. The hot water (37/38°C) promotes circulation and relaxes the muscles, cold water gives firmness. Profit for the swelling of the legs and cellulite, is particularly indicated in diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal and circulatory apparatus.


Massage therapy is a combination of treatment made by massage to various parts of the body. Throught body contact, manual and maneuvering and sequential, reduces pain and muscle tension apparatus.
The movements of massage can be firm and fast for a toning effect, or slow and delicate for a soothing effect.


The kinesiotherapy is a specific manipolative therapy used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation and functional reeducation of individual muscles or muscle gruops or the whole body. It’s indicated in cases of need for muscle recovery and articulate.


The hydrokinesitherapy allows to deal with various rehabilitation exercises with an significantly reduced effort thanks to the fact that in the pool the body weight is lightened up to 90%. Thanks to this working methodology are recorded excellent therapeutic results in a short time. The specific chemical composition and temperature of the thermal water favor a soft and gradual resumption of esercise.