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A spa stay as a form of disease prevention

Why Prevention is better than Cure



An authentic thermal ritual that lasts 40/45 minutes. For this pre-booked session, the thermal operator will have you seated in the cabin, which is furnished with a specific bed for mud therapy, a shower and a bathtub, Mud will be laid on the bed already, in order to be taken to the temperature the thermal doctor indicated for you, as mud must always be cooled after extraction. Once you lay on the bed the operator will cover up with mud the interested parts of your body, which will always be indicated by the doctor, and will envelop you in sheets that aim at decreasing warmth losses. You may then realx for 15/20 minutes. After the pause, the operator will remove the mud with you standing under the thermal shower and will help you sit in the bathtub, filled with with thermal water enriched with ozone, in which you will remain for 13/15 minutes.

Once rinsed, you may wear your bathrobe again and either return to your own room or enjoy yourself in one of the relax-dedicated areas in the hotel. During this phase your body will expel the absorbed heat and all the toxins through an abundant sweating process.


Thermal clay® is a specific natural clay mixed with thermal water; green clay is extracted excluseively from the bed of two small lakes, Lake Lispida and Lake Arquà Petrarca, situated at the foot of the Euganean Colli.

The thermal water emerges through rocks of unique composition after a way of several years under the Pre-Alps ground; rainwater filters through the soil, gains mineral salts and warms up.

After a slow maturation process of 50/60 days, the clay becomes a medicament of longlasting beneficial effects. Mature mud from Terme Euganee was patented by the European Office of Patents as an anti-inflammatory medication with cortison-like properties, yet devoid of side effects.