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The environmental sustainability policies of Hotel Terme Imperial

Togheter, naturally


Hotel Terme Imperial is able to make significant and decisive choices to make its hospitality more sustainable.

With this awareness our hotel is committed to the sustainable management of our activity, with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this important goal we has implemented a series of tangible actions such as:

  • use of renewable energy (purchased or self-produced)
  • constant monitoring of energy and water consumption to reduce waste
  • separate waste collection program
  • “green” procurement
  • promoting guests’ awareness and training staff, because each person’s behavior can make a difference!

The protection of the environment needs all of us

To make each stay more sustainable, your contribution is necessary and consists of a few, simple gestures:

  • Avoid opening the windows when the air conditioner or heating are on.
  • Unplug the battery charger when the mobile phone battery is full.
  • Separate waste wherever the suitable containers are provided. Alternatively, leave newspapers or bottles next to the bin, and we will dispose of them
  • separately.
  • To save water, remember to turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth and use the glass to rinse them.
  • Gel, shampoo and detergents may contain polluting substances. Do not exceed in use.
  • A shower is environmentally-friendly if it does not last long: up to 60 liters of water (13 UK gallons) are used in five minutes, as well as energy. Follow the instructions provided in your room and bathroom for correct utilization.
  • If you can, use the stairs instead of the lift. It is good both for your health and the environment.