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Fango Beauty

The new wellness paths are the perfect mix between the thermal mud and 4 different active ingredients.

Fango Beauty

Those paths are body treatments aimed at improving imperfections such as localized fat and cellulite, but not only, the body and mind regain their balance and stress decreases.

All this thanks to the mud and thermal water that stimulate in our body the production of natural antioxidants against free radicals and the release of endorphins to reduce stress and increase good mood, thus improving our lifestyle.


DRAINING FANGO BEAUTY: Indicated for capillary fragility and water retention

DETOX FANGO BEAUTY: Indicated for localized fat and for skin inestytism

TONING FANGO BEAUTY: Indicated to combat sagging skin and firm tissues

FANGO BEAUTY RELAX: Indicated to relieve muscle contractures and cervical tension, ideal anti-stress

Treatment 50’ application of mud, thermal bath with hydro-essences and massage: € 50.00
Treatment 25’ application of mud and shower € 30,00