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Beauty treatments at the spa for the care of your face and body



FACE “ROBEUS BOTANICAL” RITUALS - 50 minutes (55,00 €)
FIG: for the high content of moisturizing sugars, vitamins A, B, B2, PP, C
and minerals this particular ingredient is indicated for its skin repairing
power. For those skins that have lost minerals and liquids during
prolonged exposure to the sun.
GRAPES: due to their high resveratrol content, grapes are a powerful,
natural antioxidant that prevents skin aging after sun exposure and sun
BOTANICAL BODY RITUALS: scrub + oil massage - 50 minutes (55,00
The scrubs, enriched with precious oils and walnut granules, are perfectly
combined with natural liquid and semiliquid textures, for an extremely soft
ARGAN: Argan is a plant treasure rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, Omega 3,
Omega 6 and unsaturated fatty acids, essential for the beauty of the skin.
KARITE': African karité is selected, sundried and processed until obtaining
an extremely rich butter
COLD BANDAGE TREATMENT - 50 minutes (55,00 €)
Through drainage and osmosis this anti-cellulite treatment, performed with cotton gauze
soaked in natural products, improves blood and lymphatic circulation thanks to its firming
MARINE ALGAE: algae are rich in vitamins and amino acids and with firming and
detoxifying properties because they cause the body to release toxins through sweating. They
are also used to fight cellulite;
CAFFEINE: caffeine has the ability to stimulate drainage and stagnant liquids removal. Its
molecular structure combined with its excellent penetration coefficient give it excellent strong
anti-cellulite properties.
POLAR COLD TREATMENT - 50 minutes (55,00 €)
Polar cold is a treatment designed to relieve legs and maintain the elasticity
of capillaries and blood vessels thanks to the synergy between
vasoprotectors and toning active ingredients. Legs regain vitality and tone.
Recommended for leg heaviness, water retention and tissue hypotonia. The
treatment ends with a lymph drainage in the lower limbs.
BODY TREATMENT: THAILAM RITUAL - 75 minutes (80,00 €)
A dive into the Berber world that has always been sensitive to body care.
Argan and karité have always been used by desert women as natural beauty
A five minute stay in the cave is recommended before the treatment.
Argan or karité-based scub
Warm thermal bath with whirlpool
Caffeine-based draining bandage
Softening massage with argan oil or shea butter
IMPERIAL DETOX RITUAL - 50 minutes (55,00 €)
Hydromassage thermal bath with detoxifying algae and balancing massage with
essential oils.
IMPERIAL LIGHTING RITUAL - 50 minutes (55,00 €)
Glycolic acid peeling, thermal shower and modeling-draining massage.
IMPERIAL SEA THERAPY RITUAL - 50 minutes (55,00 €)
Peeling with Dead Sea salts, hydro-massage, thermal bath and final massage.
25 minutes: clay application and thermal shower – 35,00 €
50 minutes clay application, thermal bath and massage – 50,00 €
DRAINAGE TREATMENT: indicated for capillary fragility and water retention
DETOXIFYING TREATMENT: indicated for localized adiposity
TONING TREATMENT: contrasts skin relaxation and firms tissues
RELAXING TREATMENT: indicated to relieve muscular contractures and cervical tension,
ideal anti-stress.